Friday, September 15, 2017

Travels with Tutu - a 50th Anniversary Celebration

This year marks a 50th year of wedded bliss for Tutu and the Mr.  We decided it was time to celebrate by undertaking a sort of Grand Tour of some of the most wanted on our European bucket list, so we are embarking on a trek through many of the art museums and architectural sites we've either never been to or we had marked for needing more time from previous visits.

We'll be leaving next week.  Our tablets and MP3s are loaded with travel guides, language lessons, and not a few e-books we've been meaning to get to.  We've got the latest in several series we both like, and that ponderous but interesting Paris by Edward Rutherford.  We really enjoyed reading his Sarum before our visit to England last year, so hopefully, we'll be able to get through at least part of this one before we get to Paris in October. We're planning to do Italy, France and England.  There may be some book reviews thrown in, but for the next couple months, it's going to be a travels with Tutu blog.  Hope you'll come along.

All suggestions for restaurants in Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice and Paris are most welcome.


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