Saturday, June 24, 2017

Knife Creek - a new book by Paul Doiron

Title: Knife Creek
Author: Paul Doiron
Publisher: Minotaur Books 2017
Genre: Mystery
Subject: Maine Game Warden service
Setting: Woods of Maine
Series: Mike Bowditch Mysteries
Source: Net Galley ARC
Why did I read this book now? I love the series and the setting

 In this latest episode of the adventures of Maine Game warden Mike Bowditch, the author not only continues to develop Mike's character, but also gives us a more in-depth picture of the blossoming relationship of Mike and his biologist girlfriend Stacey.  The setting is another new area of Maine, the job is a new job for Bowditch, and by incorporating returning characters with old, and showing us a maturing protagonist who is finally getting a grip on life, Paul Doiron continues to delight.

The story has sad, funny, gloriously redemptive, and downright scary scenes.  The plot is easy to follow, but the mystery is not necessarily too easy to solve.  It's another in this well-written, informative, descriptive, and entertaining series, loved by our readers.  We're already looking for the next adventure.

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  1. Still really enjoy these books too! Will have to keep an eye out for this new one!


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