Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taking a Vacation

As most of my readers have by now figured out, Tutu is on a long vacation from blogging.  Numerous health issues, family responsibilities, and just plain brain fatigue have put the damper on my ability or motivation to provide comments about my reading life.

Life in Maine is still delightful, and we are now embarking on an extended year of travel to many parts of the nation and the world.  I am keeping track of what I read in my library,   and the sidebar widgets should continue to display those works I'm currently enjoying.

The bottom line is that at my stage in life, reading is supposed to be fun, and writing reviews just wasn't fun anymore.

Best wishes, and happy reading to all of you who have faithfully followed and commented on my Two Cents for years.  I'll drop by periodically to post some thoughts on traveling.


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