Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home to Italy by Peter Pezzelli- A Mini Mention

Home to Italy,Peter Pezzelli is a  nice, calm, lovely sweet nostalgic love story about a man who left Italy in his youth, enjoyed a comfortable and fairy tale marriage and a big extended Italian family in Rhode Island.  When his princess bride dies, he decides to return to his home village, move back into the old homestead he inherited from his now deceased parents, and essentially return to the site of his youth.  He feels there is nothing left for him in Rhode Island.

He tells no one he's coming, (and doesn't correspond with his US relatives for almost a year) but goes about adjusting slowly to the changes that have come about in the 50 years he was gone. His love of family, his love of biking, and the presence of his best friend from childhood help him transplant his life. A sweet and easy to read fairy tale.

There are others by this same author in the "longing for Italian roots" genre but they seem only loosely connected. I may dip into this series periodically when I miss my Nona.

Title: Home to Italy
Author: Peter Pezzelli
Publisher: Kensington (2012), Edition: English Language, Paperback, 274 pages
Genre: fictional memoir
Subject: nostalgia for "the old country"
Setting: rural southern Italy
Source: Public Library
Why did I read this book now? It was suggested by a friend.


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