Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: A Brush With Death by Karen MacInerney

It's been a while since I read the first in the Grey Whale Inn series, so when this one popped up as available when I was testing the setup of downloading ebooks on my new tablet, I remembered how much I enjoyed it, and decided to see what another in the series was like.

Karen MacInerney gives a very reliable description of island life off the Maine Coast as she offers credible and mostly likeable characters and a plot that is just involved enough to keep the reader interested without having to go through mental gyrations to follow the clues.

In this episode, we meet a subset of Maine Island characters - the artists whose paintings are varied and gorgeous both in medium, subject and style.  Natalie's niece Gwen has been living on the island and helping with the Inn while painting under the tutelage of a well known artist. Her mentor turns up dead on the night of her grand opening hosted by another art dealer whose credetials are quite questionable.   Lots of red herrings, but an easy to handle series of detecting steps by Natalie the innkeeper while waiting for the official police to arrive from the mainland.   A lovely quiet, easy to read story.  I actually plan to be on the lookout for several of the volumes I missed between #1 and this one which is #5.

Title: Brush with Death
Author: Karen MacInerney
Publisher: MIDNIGHT INK (2013), ebook, 336 pages 
Genre: Cozy mystery
Subject: art exhibits, murder
Setting: Cranberry Island Maine
Series: GreyWhale Inn Mysteries
Source: Public library download
Why did I read this book now? It's part of a series I enjoy.

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  1. This reminds me of another book with a similar blurb that I loved.


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