Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reading Respite

My apologies to all of my loyal followers for my less than hectic reviewing pace lately. I've been reading many books, most of them nominees from the long long list of possibles for the Maine Readers Choice Award of books published this year. They are all meaty reads, and require a good deal of my mental energy. Sometimes, they also are books that are just not grabbing me, and I find myself putting them aside when they'll only half-finished, because I know they're not going to make my cut. There are too many good ones waiting for me to spend time reading one that isn't my cuppa tea.

Then too, after reading a 500-600 page chunkster, I find my brain needs to be treated to something more cozy and relaxing. So I've been turning to re-reads of some of my favorites from the past. In addition there are the book club reads from our adult discussion group at the library. This month we're reading American Nations by Colin Woodard. I read this one back in 2011, and loved it. But it's so meaty that I'm doing a re-read so I can intelligently (we hope) lead the discussion just before Thanksgiving. And finally, there's quite a bit of marketing work going on for Bob's book, Strike from the Deep. I'll be running a giveaway before Thanksgiving, so stay tuned.

I do have four to review sometime here in the next two weeks including

So dear followers I hope you'll continue to drop by. The rest of the year promises some excellent reads for me - as you can see - these are the review copies that have found their way to Tutu's bedside bookcase. I think even if we get snowed in for weeks, I won't be lacking for something to read. Eventually, I promise, I'll give you at least a snapshot review of any that I finish.  As you can see, the bedside bookstand is full....Happy reading!

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  1. This is the time of year when I tend to read more. Currently reading Woolen Bikinis; how could I resist a title like that!


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