Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Merry Month of May- a Melange of Murder and Mayhem

 "Yep, it's that time already folks. Grab your smokes, gat and fedora and let's take a journey into the shadows. The squeamish and sensitive can hang behind, if they would like. Things can get dark, tangled and dangerous."  ....LibraryThing.com 75 in 2013 challenge group

It's Murder and Mayhem May again. Our reading group on LibraryThing.com often designates a month for everyone to dive into one of our favorites genres - the murder mystery. This year, May has been declared the month of Murder and Mayhem. I'd wanted to find a gory gruesome graphic to lead off, but figured the book covers spoke for themselves.

Many of us chose to use the month to catch up on favorite series, including cozies, detectives, and every form along the spectrum.

Personally, I'm catching up on Kate Wilhelm's wonderful Barbara Holloway series, getting acquainted with DCI Alan Banks, in Peter Robinson's series of the same name, trying out two new series: The Amish Country Murders (see my review of the newest one here on Thursday ) and Jane Tesh's Madeline Maclin detective series. My reading has taken me from Venice to England, to Ohio, to Oregon, North Carolina and Maine. I also got caught up on Elly Griffith (A Room Full of Bones) so I can be ready for her new one coming out.

Last night, I couldn't resist temptation and used one of my Audible credits to download the audio of Kissed a Sad Goodbye, the next up in my series read of Duncan Kinkaid and Jemma James duo by Deborah Crombie. I'd almost (but not quite forgotten how good these are.) I also got to read the newest Darcy Scott, and Donna Leon -- a newer series and an old favorite.

In the upcoming read pile is the Maggie Hope book (His Majesty's Defense), another Cork O'Connor book by William Kent Krueger, and a Juli Hyzy cozy Fonduing Fathers.

As for reviews, I'll be posting (or already have posted) individual reviews if they're a new series for me, a new series for the author, the book was sent for review, I haven't read the series in a long time, or the moon turns purple.....whatever.  For the others, I'm going to spend my time reading, and give you a series post whenever I get three in a series done.

If this is your genre, it's not too late to dive in....mysteries are a year round read for many of us.  If these are not your cuppa, perhaps some day you'll dip your toe in the water and join those of us who gladly list mysteries as our favorite type of reading. 


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