Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday - 24th The First Sunday of Spring

Early this week, the calendar said we had turned from winter into spring.  However, you'd never have guessed that if you work up here in MidCoast Maine that first morning of spring 2013. Here's what we saw when we pulled open the curtains!! We had between 10 and 12" of new gorgeous heavy snow coating everything.  The sunshine was brilliant, the sky was pure blue, and fortunately the wind was almost non-existent.  The intrepid members of our book discussion group refused to let me cancel book club, so Mr. Tutu and another librarian's hubster volunteered to shovel off the steps and walk, the plowman came and cleaned up  the parking lot and we met to discuss Geraldine Brook's wonderful book Caleb's Crossing.  If you click on the link you can see my review from last year.  To a member they all enjoyed the book, and agreed that we were happy we kept to our schedule.

I'm still doing a lot of deep reading for a Maine state reading project I'll tell you all about next month.  In the
meantime, I'm trying to sprinkle in some ARCs from Net Galley but those reviews have to be released at pub dates - all of which are in the next month or so.  In between, I turn to my favorite comfort reads - mysteries and cozies to give my brain some time to decompress, relax and enjoy a good twisty turny who-dunnit.

I read another Cork O'Connor - Purgatory Ridge by William Kent Krueger
I've only read two so far, but am now sufficiently hooked that I can simply say that if you like Tony Hillerman, Nevada Barr, Margaret Coel, or any other Native American, off in the wilderness, semi-police-game warden-local sheriff-boy meets bear kinda stories, with strong women characters, some very green story lines, and wonderful scenic backgrounds, this series will appeal to you. I'm certainly enjoying them, and watching the relationships ebb and flow, the crooks get caught, and reacting strongly to surprise twists and turns. As Mikey used to say in the cereal commericals: "Try it---you'll like it."

 I also just downloaded the third in Elly Griffith's Ruth Galloway series, so I'll be listening to that in the pool this week.

And today is Palm Sunday in the Christian Calendar, so I'll be spending almost my entire week at church since I'm in the choir.  Not too much reading is going to get done but I'll be feeling good about doing something worthwhile that I like.  Perhaps, spring will really burst forth for Easter!


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