Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Mailbox - July 9

This week's mailbox had two great ones.  I love mysteries and these are both from favorite authors.

The Body in the Boudoir by Katherine Hall Paige

The newest in one of my favorite series, I won this one in a contest on Bookin' With  BINGO.  Thanks Kaye.  She's always got giveaways going on over there.  Be sure to check them out.  In this one....
Massachusetts minister’s wife, caterer, and sometime amateur sleuth Faith Fairchild returns in The Body in the Boudoir, the twentieth installment in the Agatha Award-winning series by Katherine Hall Page that provides mystery, heart, wit, suspense, and mouthwatering recipes aplenty. Page turns back the clock this time to 1990, as a young Faith Sibley prepares to wed the love of her life, Thomas Fairchild…if she can survive a malefactor who’s trying to disrupt the ceremony by doing away with the bride. Fans of cozy culinary mysteries, like the bestselling Goldy Schultz novels of Diane Mott Davidson, will adore the tasty mayhem Katherine Hall Page cooks up in her Boudoir.
Then I got an audio book from LibraryThing.Com's Early Reviewer program:  Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach by Colin Cotterill.  I'm currently listening to the audio of the first one in this hilarious new series (the Jimm Juree mysteries) about an investigative reporter in Thailand.  Here's the blurb:
Who do you tell when you wake up to find a severed head on your resort-front beach in the morning? For frustrated ex-crime reporter Jimm Juree it means action. With her former cop grandfather as back up, she sets out to discover how the poor fellow ended up where he did - and why. On their journey, with the rest of their disjointed family in tow, they uncover gruesome tales of piracy and slavery, violence and murder in the Gulf of Thailand. Are the authorities uninterested because they're involved, or because the victims aren't Thai? Whatever the reason, Jimm and her team are going it alone and their lives are under threat. And who exactly are those two elegant women in cabin three and why has the engine number of their car been filed away? Airport hostages and hand grenades, monkeys and naked policemen - once more the sublime and the ridiculous clash at the Gulf Bay Lovely Resort and Restaurant.

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  1. Like the titles of both your books! anyone would want to know more.

  2. I had to laugh at the titles of these:) enjoy

  3. Two great new books. I like Page's books too and have this one on my wishlist. I'll be looking forward to your thoughts. Enjoy!

  4. I really like "Boudior" even though I have not read the series...
    but I must say the second one sounds excellent.


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