Saturday, May 19, 2012

The view from the deck .... some thoughts on life in Maine

Whether it's high tide or low; clam flats, birds at the feeder, or turkeys on the lawn; dandelions, clouds, rhubarb, blue skies or fog; boats on the river or bi-planes in the skies;  this time of year is perfect for sitting on the deck, watching, hearing, and feeling life ebb and flow. Perfect for renewing energies, reviewing the past winter, dreaming of the coming summer, and letting soft breezes clear the cobwebs. Nature's imagery is so strong you don't even need a book.  (It helps even more if the lawn mower refuses to start and Old Bert has a 2 week backup at his shop to fix it!)
 Enjoy your weekend, I'm certainly enjoying mine!


  1. You make me miss Maine! Here's hoping Bert's work just gets further behind.

  2. OMG! I could so move there! We just got home a couple of weeks from the annual trek. I could have stayed in Ogunquit forever. We did venture up to Portland and found a gas station in Cape Eliz. that has gas for $3.51. That's about 30 cents cheaper than Kittery.


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