Friday, April 20, 2012

Review : Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton

Author: Nancy Atherton
Publisher-Format:  e-galley (ARC) Viking Adult, 240 pages
Year of publication: 2012
Subject:  Sorting out village fables
Setting: The village of Finch, in the Cotswolds, UK
Series: Aunt Dimity
Genre: Cozy mystery
Source: Net Galley

Although I really don't care for most paranormal adventures and stories, there's just something about Aunt Dimity that always manages to tickle me.  In this latest entry in the series, Nancy Atherton continues her tale of a transplanted American, Lori Shepherd, who lives with her American husband and twin sons in a cottage inherited from her "aunt Dimity" -a friend of her mother's.  Lori and Aunt Dimity are able to communicate "across the divide" by means of an old blank diary....Aunt Dimity's "conversation" magically appears whenever Lori opens the book and settles down and begins talking to it.

That premise sounds really weird, and it is, but it works in this delightful series of cozy mysteries in a stereotypical town of nosy busybodies, the always competent and compassionate Vicar (and his ubiquitous wife), a gay couple running the local pub, a variety of shop keepers, a horse loving farmer, and Lori's father-in-law-- a rather well-to-do widower who lives down the road, and for whom several of the town "maidens" have set their caps.

The story opens when the village gathers in the pub early one morning to cran their nosy noses at the window to watch the newest resident's goods unloaded from the removal van directly across the street.  When two of the watchers indicate that this new resident isn't who she claims to be, and that her arrival in the village spells doom, gloom and the end to civilization as they know it, Lori's curiosity gets the better of her, and we're off to find out the who is she, why is she here, and what about all these weird occurrences that begin with her arrival.  And is she really after Will Sr?

It's lots of fun, a light read, but somehow it works.  Many thanks to Viking for making the ARC available through Net Galley.


  1. I always have enjoyed Aunt Dimity and am glad to see there is a new book in the series!

  2. I missed this one on NG for some reason. Up to about 3 years ago, I had read most of the books by this author. This one sounds fun as well.

    Hope all has been well with you.


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