Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How NOT to sell books - A RANT

Please wake up and realize that the reading public can only assimilate so much in one swoop.  I just received a review copy of Noah Hawley's book "THE GOOD FATHER" last week.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to yesterday's edition of Shelf Awareness to be presented with a chance to request an ARC of Diane Chamberlain's "THE GOOD FATHER". 

Two books coming out in the same time frame with the same title....at least (so far anyway) the covers don't look too similar, but if I were to write down a book title from a review I read and consult my list without knowing there were two different options, I might be a tad confused when I got to the bookstore or even to Amazon or B&N to shop.

And if I were Mr. Hawley or Ms. Chamberlain, I'd be more than a tad annoyed that all my hard work is now going to sit there and become a confusing mess for readers.  What if I can't afford to buy both?  What if I'm not sure I'm getting the "right" one?  And what is the "right" one anyway?  I'm probably NOT going to buy either until I have time to go back and double check where I saw the book to begin with, and by that time, my book buying dollars have probably gone to something else interesting that jumped up screaming "buy me!" while I was diddling over which was the correct "GOOD FATHER." 

Please publishers,  let's be a bit kinder to your reading public, and let's be more considerate of authors who have worked their fingers to the quickie only to learn that they are not putting out something exclusive.



  1. I agree. The same thing happened timing wise with Secrets of the Tudor Court.. one a series, one a title. What a mess for two great authors that didn't deserve to be pitted with the confusion.

  2. I agree, Tina. It will really cause a problem especially if the books are on the same genre shelf.


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