Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Salon - Home for awhile

Ah............a Sunday at home, with nothing scheduled but the rising of the sun and the tide and the moon, a chill in the air, a pile of good books to read, and an extra hour in which to enjoy it all!

What a difference from last weekend when we got to see several (like at least 12) inches of snow in the western lake region of Maine where we spent a wonderful evening with more old friends. Our hostess and Mr. Tutu actually went to grade and high school together in California, and we now find we end up living only 2 hours apart in Maine! I wonder if that's what Mr. Disney had in mind with his "small world" theme? We also got to visit with other mutual Navy friends whom we hadn't seen in years (they moved to Maine the same year we did, but GOSH, when you're 2 hours apart!!!!)

The snow added just the perfect touch to some already picture perfect scenery, including having to drive through the covered bridge as we drove home.  It was spectacular - snow on the ground, autumn leaves still on the trees, and the sun shining down. When you combine that with good friends, you have a perfect weekend.

Now though we're perfectly happy to kick back and relax at home.  The Christmas Bazaars are starting up here in town, and the wood piles are growing every day.  Since I'm ONLY about 8-10 reviews behind, I've got my work cut out for me, not to mention a pretty meaty book to read for book club in 10 days.

Stay tuned for an avalanche of reviews coming the rest of the month, and get your holiday reading ready.  I know I always have a couple of TBRs tucked away for holidays, and they're not that far off.  In the meantime, stay warm, stay dry, happy reading, and THINK SNOW.


  1. The only thing I think about snow is the fact that I no longer need to shovel it. Pictures of it are fine with me! Enjoy your peaceful Sunday.

  2. I wish we had gotten a bit of snow...not enough to take down the trees and knock out the electric...

  3. I was just sympathizing with JoAnn/Lakeside Musing about being a procrastinator when it comes to reviews, but I see you may have the same problem as us...LOL

    Love that photo Tina.


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