Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vacation Time.....lots of reading?

Sometimes the best laid plans go completely out the window.  As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently enjoying a relaxing two week stay with my mother at her timeshare on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  I had stocked up my Nook, and my MP3 with lots of ebooks and audio books, and packed up my needlepoint intending to make good progress with my reading and my sewing.

I have managed to finish a few books, and now I'm about half-way through Joyce Carol Oates wonderful memoir "A Widow's Story" which is scheduled for publication next week.  I've also been listening to "Sherlockian", a delightful tale of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his love/hate relationship with his character Sherlock Holmes.  I have this book in print and audio, and have had to resort to listening because my sister who arrived on Monday brought with her an assortment of small jigsaw puzzles, so Mom, sis and I have been having a marathon session of working the little darlings.

I am currently stuck on one featuring some sort of frog --- and it's driving me nutso! But it is fun to share stories and spend family time together.  We've done a driving tour of the island, taking Mom back to some of her favorite haunts--we were both disappointed that the outlet mall where we'd hoped to 'help the economy' is currently closed for renovations and we could not find another kitchen store.  We've been trying out new recipes, and sleeping late.   The weather hasn't been terrific, but it has been warm enough to walk on the beach as long as we're well bundled against the wind.

Don't forget, there are three giveaways running right now, and I'll be picking winners from here.  The condo has WIFI, and obviously I brought my laptop, so I look forward to your entries.  My other sister Cheli (she of Cheli's Shelves)  arrives tomorrow night, and I'm sure we will get down to some serious reading after we exchange books we've brought to do our own paperback swap.

I hope all of you are able to find some relax time during these winter doldrums we all seem to be going through.  Spring (and spring baseball training) will be here before we know it!


  1. I have mentioned it before, but I rarely read when I am on vacation. Yes, odd I know. I get so much more reading done when I am at

  2. Too bad about the outlet mall!
    I love to read on vacation. The change in airline regulations hit me hard, I had to move more books to my carry-on to lighten my suitcase on the last trip. Which means the plane still had the same weight on it, just in different places!


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